Rock Harbor-Lane Cove-Daisy Farm Loop

Rock Harbor Visitor’s Center from the Deck of the Ranger III

The Greenstone Ridge Trail traverses the ridge from Hidden Lake Dock to Windigo, some 45 miles away, and can be done in either direction. The trail provides views of the vistas to the north and the south of the island. It brings hikers from Lookout Louise into the Washington Creek campground. To join an adventure with us, click on Guide Services in the menu.

The last few miles are generally not done as part of the Greenstone Ridge Trail hike as it extends past the Mount Franklin/Lane Cove Junction to the east and dead ends at the Hidden Lake Dock, which is accessed by water taxi. We hiked the loop from Hidden Lake, to Lane Cove, to Ojibway Tower, to Daisy Farm.

The Sandy takes visitors to Hidden Lake for day trips. For those who do not want to backpack, this is an excellent way to see various terrain and vistas on the island.

Hidden Lake
Bruce in Rock Harbor –photo courtesy of Jonathan Ringdahl
Sunrise at Daisy Farm
Monument Rock post fire–photo by Greg Snell
Beth providing perspective on Monument Rock

Climbing up from Hidden Lake Dock, you pass Monument Rock, about two-thirds of the way from Hidden Lake Dock to the Lookout Louise Junction Access Trail, part of the Greenstone Ridge Trail.

It is a pillar that stands 60 feet tall, located in the center of the Horne fire, so the vegetation has been burned away, leaving standing naked in the burned landscape.

Duane on the Water Taxi
Beth on the Water Taxi
View at Lookout Louise

The Lookout Louise Trail is done as part of a shorter route, including a drop at Hidden Lake Dock, a hike out and back to Lookout Louise, then the hike up to the Mount Franklin-Lane Cove Trail Junction, and descending for a first night at Lane Cove. The total from Hidden Lake Dock to Lane Cove is 8.2 miles with an additional 1.5 miles for the side-hike to Lookout Louise, totaling at 9.7 miles.

Lane Cove is on many people’s must-see lists, and it is beautiful, but the trail, like Lookout Louise, it is an out and back hike. The return ascends the elevation to the top of the Greenstone Ridge and then on up to Mount Franklin, which is .3 miles beyond the junction. From here, you can return and descend on the Mount Franklin Trail, to the Tobin Harbor Trail, to Rock Harbor in approximately 5 miles.

Lane Cove in the Fog

From Mount Franklin, you can view Lake Superior in the distance, as well as the rugged terrain of the island itself. It provides exquisite vistas outward, and dramatic views of the cliffs along the ridges.

Rock Cliff at Mount Franklin
View of Lake Superior from the Greenstone Ridge Trail

Stoll Memorial Trail and the Scoville Point Trail extend from Rock Harbor for a 4.7-mile roundtrip hike on an easy trail to Scoville Point. It can be done prior to or after the Lane-Daisy Loop, but it is worth the short hike to view the rugged shoreline, exquisite forests, and the interpretive signs that share information about the geology of the island and its impacts on the landscapes.

Water Pooled on Rock Formations on the Scoville Point Trail
A Squirrel at Scoville Point
Rock Harbor Lighthouse

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