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Backpacking Guide Services

Wise Old Man of Isle Royale Guides can lead you on an adventure of a lifetime.

Our guides have experience and knowledge of the specific challenges for each trail on the island. We offer safe, knowledgeable guidance on the established trails to and from the backcountry.

Every package includes the following:

  • passage to and from Isle Royale National Park, booked by us on the Isle Royale Queen IV out of Copper Harbor, Michigan
  • a room in one of Copper Harbor’s hotels for the night before departure
  • required preboarding safety briefing and final gear weight check
  • phone consultations to adequately answer any and all questions.
  • Zoom meeting between guide and client to establish a more personal question/answer session.

Reach out to explore scheduling options. Booking three months in advance is strongly recommended.

Phone: 906-201-1588


Custom Excursions:

If you have a specific idea for a trip, we can create a custom plan. Due to the many variables of interisland hops, possible resupply drops via the Voyageur II from Grand Portage, Minnesota and other possible add-ons, prices will be calculated when the specifics are settled.

As mature backpackers, we provide steady leadership & guidance to help ensure that you have a fun & safe adventure in the backcountry of Isle Royale, starting from planning & packing, to transportation, to safety preparedness, to engaging in the activity with you.

You need not be worried about having questions–we are here to help you have the best possible experience on the island where we may view moose, wolves, red fox, beavers, hares and the spectacular views of the waters and ridges of this untamed wilderness.

Duane and Beth

Let’s do something wonderful together.

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