Welcome to Isle Royale!

Let’s do something wonderful together.

Here at the Wise Old Man of Isle Royale, we share accurate, reliable, and current information regarding hiking Isle Royale. We monitor the National Park Service for any changes to rules, conditions or other information pertinent to visiting the island. We also gather information from the CDC and other sources that is useful to making sound decisions for hiking the Island.

In addition, we provide Guide Services for backcountry backpacking excursions and have both planned and custom itineraries to all points on the island. To check available itineraries go to Guide Services.

From experience, we know that conditions on the Island can change quickly and without warning. To illustrate, we have encountered blue algae blooms on some inland lakes that developed quickly and were not yet shared in Park Service information when we arrived. Because of the time between flare-up and posting, hikers need to be aware of what blue algae is to avoid it when it has not yet been reported to the Park Service.

Not all developing dangers or hazards can be warned of ahead of time. As with every backcountry adventure, dangers can arise and people should prepare themselves in order to stay safe. Wise Old Man tries to support people in locating information and connecting them to information sources so that they can make appropriate decisions as they enjoy Isle Royale. We are not responsible for the decisions people make. The information shared is designed to add to individuals’ knowledge about the Island and the challenges of hiking it.

In our Free Prep Courses, we focus on the development of critical problem-solving skills in the context of Isle Royale or any backcountry camping situation. We share some of the common issues we have encountered on the Island and some of the solutions we have devised. We have no answers for the problems people may face, but the scenarios presented should acquaint people with some of the problems they will face to help them to plan for contingencies. Planning a trip is part of the adventure, so have fun with it.

All information on this site reflects the collective knowledge of Wise Old Man of Isle Royale. The purpose of this site, its related Facebook page, and its Facebook discussion group is to broaden collective knowledge of backcountry hiking and to provide multiple forums for sharing and discussing common hiking problems and solutions. Wise Old Man of Isle Royale makes no decisions for any person and is not responsible for the decisions people make or the consequences of those decisions.

Wise Old Man of Isle Royale is not affiliated with the National Park Service. None of the information included here reflects the views of the National Park Service in any manner.