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Here at the Wise Old Man of Isle Royale, we provide Guide Services for backcountry backpacking excursions with planned or custom itineraries to all points on the island. For available itineraries, go to Guide Services.

Special: Early booking discount saves $150 off any excursion (expires 1/31/2023).

Code: 2023wom150

Volume discount: Book for four people for the price for three (expires 2/28/23)

Call for details: 906-201-1588

Hike any trail with us for any duration in a custom package, or choose a scheduled hike with a specific itinerary. Click Guides Services for more information.

We strive to share accurate, reliable, and current information regarding hiking Isle Royale and monitor the NPS, CDC, and other sources to be as accurate as we can.

Our Free Prep Courses focus on developing critical problem-solving skills in the context of Isle Royale or any backcountry hiking and camping situation. The scenarios help people plan for contingencies. Since planning a trip is part of the adventure, have fun with it, and make good choices so that your adventure is safe and fun.

The information is designed to add to individuals’ knowledge about the Island and the challenges of hiking it. We are not responsible for the decisions people make.

Our purpose is to provide forums for sharing and discussing common hiking problems and solutions. Find our page on Facebook and join or Facebook group.

Wise Old Man of Isle Royale makes no decisions for any person and is not responsible for the decisions people make or the consequences of those decisions.

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