Duane: Head Guide/Logistics Coordinator

Hello! I am Duane, an avid backpacker & hiker.

Personally I have been to Isle Royale more than two dozen times. All my trips have been for 10 to 14 days and once for 23 days. I have hiked every trail and visited every campground accessible by foot multiple times.

During all that hiking, I found myself offering guidance to others who asked, earning the moniker, the “Yoda of Isle Royale.” The other name was “Michigan Dad,” which earned a chuckle from more than one person.

Beth: Owner/Guide

I’m Beth, and I never thought I’d even try hiking or backpacking, but then I met Duane.

As Duane said, we have been to Isle Royale multiple times and at various times of year for extended times. While I had little experience when we started, that is clearly no longer the case. Like Duane, I have hiked all trails multiple times, and I have learned from all our mistakes.

The Birth of Wise Old Man

Over time, we came to realize that we do have something to share. Thus the Wise Old Man was born. “He” is the collective voice of both of us and all of the people who contribute in the multiple forums available via the Wise Old Man communication tools.

Our free hiking Prep Courses help people prepare for safe and enjoyable adventures on Isle Royale. A simple enrollment allows access.

Email us at wiseoldmanofisleroyale@gmail.com

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