Understanding Options:

There are many options that can be derived for the six day – five night excursion. Depending on each individual’s physical condition and hiking ability, many different options for adventures exist. The only limitation is to match accurately needs and wants with the requirements for hiking.

There are many options that can be derived for the nine day – eight night excursion. This package includes an interisland hop on the Voyageur II. The available hop destinations from Rock Harbor to any of these drop off points: Daisy Farm, Chippewa Harbor, Malone Bay or Windigo on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Your itinerary can be adjusted on the move. In other words, if you set your itinerary to camp at Daisy Farm (7.2 miles from Rock Harbor), but are not feeling as though you can go another 4.2 miles when you reach Three Mile Campground, you can just stay at Three Mile. Also, vice versa. This flexibility makes it easy to adjust on the move, so we suggest keeping your itinerary conservative. You can always continue on to the next campground if you feel good, which actually gives people more satisfaction to overreach the goal, rather than feeling like you failed to reach a destination.

Campsites Are Not Assigned: Here’s one of the nicest unique things about Isle Royale National Park: The Park Service DOES NOT assign campgrounds.

Estimate Hiking Ability Conservatively: A common misconception for first time visitors to Isle Royale is the distance they can hike in a day. In some terrain, people can easily hike 10 to 12 miles per day, and they overestimate their abilities based on hiking experience elsewhere. On Isle Royale, although elevation changes may only amount to hundreds of feet, the terrain can be a constant up and down. Almost all trails on Isle Royale are littered with roots and rocks and/or are bedrock escarpments.

Keep Pack Weight as Light as Possible: Another common mistake for beginners is bringing overweight backpacks. Because of the limited availability for resupply, there is a tendency to overpack. Also, some sites suggest that 45 to 50 lbs. is possible to carry. This weight is extreme in the harsh conditions of Isle Royale. Remember, the lighter the pack, the more pleasant the hiking experience–given you have taken the essentials.

Carry Sufficient Water to Avoid Dehydration: It can be miles between suitable water sources, which may seem odd, considering that Isle Royale is an island in Lake Superior. The National Park Service recommends each person carry a minimum of two liters of water. Water is heavy, two liters weighs a little over four pounds. This becomes an issue when added to an already heavy backpack.

Stay in Contact with Your Guide: Our guides, also will continually talk with you and the group. The primary responsibility is everyone’s safety, but if any given group wants and can hike longer on any given day, by all means it can be done. Keep in mind that our guides also know the locations of old mining sites, school houses, and other points of possible interest, so let us know if these kinds of things interest you.

Basecamp Option: Other options for visiting the island can include, but are not limited to, ‘basecamp’ type visits with day hikes to other points of interests. Planning a visit to Isle Royale can be a big part of the adventure itself, so have fun with it.

Schedules Are Flexible: None of our described packages are set in stone and can easily be modified to any individual’s wants, needs and abilities. The only place that every one must be, is at the dock in Rock Harbor in ample time to board the Queen IV on departure day.

Plan for Success: These packages are for days and nights on the island, how those days and nights are spent are really up to the individual. We want you to have the trip you want, so do not be afraid to ask questions.

Our final promise is thus: Our guides have the responsibility to make sure everyone is safe. This may mean that proposed itineraries are not fulfilled due to someone being injured, twisting an ankle, or have overestimated their abilities for hiking on Isle Royale, etc. Although we will spend time explaining and evaluating the situation daily, things like severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and other uncontrollable hazards, like Alga Blooms, can arise without prior notice. Our guides are committed to keeping you safe.

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