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Shelter me…

Shelters on the Lake Superior Shore

They are not available inland, but they are a welcome sight to those hiking off the ridges. Even while they make camp set-up easier, they also create particular idiosyncratic issues of their own.

To Share or not, but No Hammocks!.

Some would insist that you share, but it’s not required; still, it would be nice on a rainy night. Hammocks are not allowed, but a tent does have benefits and challenges when set up in the shelter.

In our Starting Your Adventure course. we will go over some more of the Rules the National Park Service have established for Isle Royale, plus discuss The Leave No Trace principles that are standards that should be followed anytime in the out of doors; not just on Isle Royale.

Hydrate me . . .

Which water filtration method to choose seems to invoke many answers among outdoor enthusiasts.

To be honest there is a large variety. In our Hydration Course we shall discuss the minimum suggested requirements given by the National Park Service specifically for Isle Royale. Our goal isn’t to tell you what product to ultimately choose, but ensure you are safe doing it. Contrary to what you might think about an island, water sources on Isle Royale can be few and far between. We will also discuss both the N.P.S. recommendations for the amount of drinking water one person should carry; and our personal experience on the island. Drinking water is the most essential part of any backcountry adventure.

Feed me…

Food is another necessity, that you cannot survive without.

Again, there is a multitude of choices; weight, taste and nutrition are just a few of the considerations that go into choosing. In our Sustenance Course we will touch on the necessities. Depending on a person’s choices, will dictate the utensil needs. For example; if you choose dehydrated meals available on the market that only require boiling water you can get away with only bringing a stove, pot and spoon. If your meals need preparation then other utensils may be needed.

Comfort me…

Shelter and sleeping is also essential. If you can’t rest, you can’t hike safely.

In our Shelter and Sleep Systems Course we will explore how sleeping bags are Temperature Rated and how to choose the appropriate Sleep System. There are many choices and opinions on this subject, too. From the Minimalist to the more conventional ideas. Again, we are not here to tell you what to choose; but instead help you decide what is best suited to your needs.

Carry me…

How heavy is too heavy?

It is a question all new hikers have asked. In our Backpacks, Gear, and Weight Course we will discuss this issue in depth. In all reality someone once told me, “Reducing your total weight depends on what comforts you can live without.” Which in my opinion is spot on. From experience, if your pack is too heavy; it leads to a multitude of problems during your hiking adventure.

Clothe me…

The choices for clothing are numerous. A lot of factors come into play when choosing what clothes to put in your backpack.

One thing for certain about Isle Royale is; you can experience a vast temperature shift on a ridge vs. the Lake Superior Shoreline. There is also a multitude of choices on the market for backpacking clothes. In our Clothing and Footwear Course we will discuss various types of clothing and based on personal experience show some that we’ve found worth their weight. Let’s face it, no one likes to be cold.

Protect me…

Health and Safety.

First I must admit that I am not a Healthcare Professional. I can share personal experience of instances that have arisen upon the island. In our Safety and Communication course. we will discuss personal preparations we have taken to prepare ourselves for a variety of possible scenarios. Medical assistance is next to nonexistent on Isle Royale, so be prepared to render your own assistance. Along with an almost nonexistent means of communication in the backcountry, we will discuss various methods that can be relied upon to reach out for help if necessary.

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