By Boat and By Boot Archive

Clothing for Hiking Isle Royale

Booking, Rules, & Itineraries

Planning for Needs on Isle Royale

Sheltering on Isle Royale

Chippewa Harbor to Rock Harbor

Day 12: Grace Island to Windigo

Malone Bay: Intermediate-Advanced

Greenstone Ridge Trail

Rock Harbor-Lane Cove-Daisy Farm Loop

Day 11: Attwood Beach to Grace Island

Wise Old Man Offers Guide Services

Day 10: Chippewa Harbor to Attwood Beach

Day 7: Daisy Farm to Chippewa Harbor

Day 6: Rock Harbor to Daisy Farm

Day 5: Belle Isle, Blake Point, Merritt Lane, Snug Harbor

Day 4: Little Todd to Belle Isle

Day 3: Huginin Cove to Little Todd

Day 2: Huginnin Cove

Day 1: Isle Royale by Kayak

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